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  • The translucent trans art of Georgia Dymock

    The translucent trans art of Georgia Dymock

    Georgia Dymock: Under Our Together The JD Malat Gallery this month opens a new show of paintings by Georgia Dymock that coincides with a digital display across the front of The Flannel store in London’s Oxford Street to celebrate International Women’s Day. Georgia Dymock, a Masters student at the Slade School of Fine Art, is […]

  • Banksy is laughing all the way to the bank

    Banksy is laughing all the way to the bank

    Christie’s Laugh now but one day we’ll be in charge by Banksy is the star of an online auction until 15 March 2022. The title refers to Banksy’s Laugh Now screenprint and the sale features works by Banksy as well as editions by contemporary artists such as Stik. Banksy’s Morons, also in the sale, could […]

  • Stellar wine cellars

    Stellar wine cellars

    WINE can mark you out as a person of breeding and taste as well as a brand-conscious big spender. Louis Vuitton recognised this back in 1972 when the firm merged with Moet Hennessy to form LVMH. The luxury brand conglomerate is still snapping up top vineyards. Along silver, art and gold; wine is one of […]

  • From Durer to Dubuffet – genius shows

    From Durer to Dubuffet – genius shows

    Hever Castle’s 500 year old disaster A recreation of the Château Vert pageant, at which Anne Boleyn made her English court debut exactly 500 years ago, inspires Hever Castle’s summer schedule. The traditional pageant, staged on Shrove Tuesday 1522, was the first time that King Henry VIII laid eyes on the ill-fated Boleyn girl and […]

  • African affairs

    African affairs

    I realised quite early on that I was never ever going to be a great engineer, so I had to find something which would set me apart. As it happened my return to England coincided with the United Kingdom entering the EEC and as I spoke fluent French, I was always on the lookout for […]

  • New Year New Passions

    New Year New Passions

    Andrea Marechal Watson rounds up a selection of winter wonders in the art world Unlocking art Lavishly illustrated, The Secrets of Art by Debra Mancoff, uncovers mysteries and messages underlying some of the world’s best know works of art. Mantoff’s erudite but highly readable texts unlock these stories using many close up details. Leonardo’s famous […]

  • Autumn art shows

    Autumn art shows

    Andrea Marechal Watson rounds up shows in Paris, Bilbao, Basel, London and looks at the new concept of ‘edutainment’ Pissarro Mostly we ‘know’ the works of Camille Pissarro – although it is possible to confuse him with one or another of the Impressionists from time to time. So in fact how well do we know […]

  • Centenary of a Catastrophe

    Centenary of a Catastrophe

    The destruction of Smyrna in 1922 remains a covered up piece history

  • My life in the law world

    My life in the law world

    Memoirs of Danny Lyons ONE “Will you get those feelthy boots off!” I imagine my Great Grandma Bowe shouting as a 12-year-old boy tramped into the kitchen after a day herding pigs. Yet for all that young Paul, her second son, might be reeking of manure, he was also keeping the family out of the […]

  • Online shows are the new normal

    Online shows are the new normal

    Across the globe, museums have adapted to the new realities posed by the Covid pandemic. In many countries this means new lockdowns as governments battle to control infections. Many museums re-opened in the summer only to be forced to close again – one of the most important shows so affected was Artemisia at the National […]