My family, warthogs and other animals

The Shamwari Game Reserve is a natural paradise where you can see elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, rhinos (both black and white) and a host of antelope species. Even on a very bad day you are guaranteed to see a warthog!

43 SH1_8601 elephant.JPG

Elephants on the move in Shamwari Game Reserve

53 SH1_8670.JPG

The hind end of an elephant. According to The Art Newspaper correspondent Georgina Adam pictures of the rear of elephants sell for less that those of their fronts!

71 SH1_8781.JPG

This lioness is raising three of her own and has adopted three more cubs from a sister who was killed by the lion

61 SH1_8754.JPG

A zebra crossing

49 SH1_8654.JPG

Jean one of our rangers on a scary walkabout to scout rhino. We were told to stay very quiet and walk in a line behind him. He said, if we were surprised by an animal, we were absolutely not to run: “You run and I will watch the fun!”

135 p.JPG

Sacha Adam discovers a surprise posting on FB

131 p SH1_9062.JPG

Mad Matthew Adam adopting the lotus position in preparation for his daily meditation on the meaning of life

jenna sh18869.JPG

Jenni our guide helping a tortoise cross the road

121 SH1_8898.JPG

Lucy with two of the kindest staff in the world and a New Year Day biscuit

126 p SH1_8954.JPG

Bad boy Benjamin Adam in a characteristic pose

90 SH1_8842.JPG

Tall animals having dinner

127 SH1_8997.JPG

The famous springbok bounce



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