IT DEPENDS on how you assess it but the latest Tefaf art market report estimates that global auction and private sales raised some $45 billion in 2016. An Art Basel report by UBS puts the value even higher. Either way, it is a huge market. Now some of the run off may go to helping good causes.

Dawn Csutoros, Numinous Diptych, ink, pigment, mulberry  paper, 145x150cm, 2016 copy.jpg

Where Art and Kindness Meet, to be launched in November at White Space, London, is a new digital art business. The inaugural exhibition will take viewers on a philanthropic journey through digital screens and virtual reality with stories of the non-profit partners and projects, interviews and details of the artists and artworks. The business model where artists and collectors buy and sell art will see a portion of the sales proceeds from every artwork – traditionally commissions and other fees – directed to a charity. The stories behind each project will be attached to the artwork – giving an extra dimension to owners.

Rita GT, Candonga No.6, Mixed Media, 2017.jpg

The artists involved in this first exhibition include Dawn Csutoros (Australia), Rita GT / E-Studio Luanda (Angola/Portugal), Revati Sharma Singh (India/UK) and Doug Patterson (UK), (Denmark/UK). Art of Kindness was founded by entrepreneur Devika Sarin.

Seema 3ft Dia, Acrylic and Ink in Canvas, 1409, 2017  copy.jpg