The concept of a boss lawyer is used in reference to a role assumed by a doctor or a law degree. It can be said that a patron lawyer is one who legally supports his client but does not represent him in court. It should also be noted that the term patron is used to refer to a personality who acts as a godfather of a class of college graduates, for example, or it may even be a term that refers to a client. But almost always, when the term is used alone, it refers to the first concept. The concept of a boss lawyer is used in reference to a role assumed by a doctor or a law degree. A lawyer is a professional with the necessary qualifications and qualifications to defend one of the parties to a court case or assist a person in legal matters. 3) On the other hand, if the semantic content, if patron (from Latin, patronus), literally, is that which protects, which serves as protector, is the certainty that in legal language is also designated “the lawyer who defends his interests on behalf of others in a case or in a claim, either as author, or as author, or as author. 2) On the one hand, the Orthographic Vocabulary of the Portuguese Language – official vehicle of the Brazilian Academy of Literature to indicate with the force of law which words officially exist in our lexicon, as well as to define what is appropriate for its spelling and pronunciation – in its 2004 edition indicates the official existence of the three words mentioned in our language: Boss (male), boss (female), and patron (also female).1 What`s important about the term boss is that it`s still used as a synonym for lawyer, as well as its relative feminine, which is boss, which is used synonymously with lawyer. An example: the functions of the employer lawyer are thus supported.

The employer lawyer cannot attend a hearing to represent his client or sign a document on his behalf. The patron lawyer is legally entitled to advise a client who consults him, even if he cannot represent him. So, if there is a person who needs help in a matter involving family property, that person can consult with an employer`s lawyer to provide you with clear and accurate information. But, as already mentioned, if the client needs the lawyer to sign a document for him, the client is not able to perform such an action. In this case, another lawyer would have to be hired to represent him and sign this contract. I) It is perfectly permissible to use the word patron (masculine) as a synonym for lawyer, and dicionaristas attest to this meaning of “lawyer in relation to the client”.3 Among the competences of the patron lawyer, the receipt of notifications, the establishment of appeals and the execution of procedural acts to defend the rights of his client stand out. What you can`t accomplish is delegate those skills to another person or replace your client. It is important to clarify that this document, by which the client expresses his consent for his employer`s lawyer to perform the functions corresponding to the case, must contain a certain amount of really relevant data. We refer to essential data without which permission is not appropriate. It can be said that a patron lawyer is one who legally supports his client but does not represent him in court.

In this way, it is possible to distinguish between the employer and the Attorney General, who acts as the legal representative of his client in the proceedings. In another example, if a client who lived in another city has problems with their documents and needs advice on what to do to resolve that issue, they can contact a client lawyer in that case for instructions on how to update the documents. For a lawyer to fulfill the client`s conditions, he must not only rely on legal authorization to fulfill his legal obligations, but he must also record his personal data in a document that is a power of attorney issued by his client. If you do not meet these requirements, the employer will not be able to use the skills that correspond to their function. III) As for the patroness, our dicionaristas, although it is a word that officially integrates our lexicon, give a different meaning: patron is the personality chosen to be honored by something or someone. In the religious field, for example, the patron can be considered a patron, that is, a saint known to defend a particular group of people or a particular situation. Lawyer appointed by the court or bar to represent him. The main difference between Paraninfo and Patron is that the choice of the latter is not mandatory. The boss is a person admired by the class, either for the professional he is, or for a cause he defends. It doesn`t have to be someone from the faculty. – A lawyer who is a lawyer with whom the client does not have a contract, who acts as an attorney in a claim without being employed by the complaining party.

However, if this professional is classified as such, he cannot be a patron and cannot be in the same act. Thus, the main difference is that the boss lawyer provides this legal support to his client and the lawyer who legally represents the client is on trial. 1Cf. Brazilian Academy of Literature. Orthographic vocabulary of the Portuguese language. 4th ed., 2004. Rio de Janeiro: Imprinta, p. 598. 3. Lawyer, in relation to your client or a trainee under your direction.

4) Two conclusions can be drawn from these premises: In short, among the most fundamental are the following: 4. [History] [History] In ancient Rome, you (in relation to freedmen). The boss in the name of the man in front is the same as the party that is without a constituted defender. (a) A lady who organizes or sponsors a charity party or campaign;4 2 See SILVA, De Plácido e. VocabularJurídico, vol. III. 1. Rio de Janeiro: Forensics, 1989, p. 332. Unfortunately, there is little information in the Portuguese literature about this professional, its characteristics and performance.

Log in or register (free and only takes a few minutes) to participate in this question. 2. An individual who protects or sponsors an individual, group, organization or event. II) On the other hand, since it is the feminine normality of this word, there is no doubt that it can be used as a synonym for avocado. You`ll also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have (or are passionate about) language-related jobs. Participation is free and the site has a strict privacy policy. c) a woman who supports the person of the art world.5 Such a qualified lawyer can also help the client to solve problems related to employment procedures: a client complains of having developed mental health problems after working extensively in a company and being constantly embarrassed and intimidated by his superiors, this person can be advised by this lawyer, Assistance with the necessary documents and other evidence.