To update your certificate for exempt bodies, contact the VAT Information Centre. We will give you Form ST-119, Exempt Organization Certificate. It includes your six-digit New York State sales tax exemption number. (Note that the nine-digit Federal Employer Identification Number issued by the Internal Revenue Service is not a sales tax exemption number.) You will also receive Form ST-119.1, Exempt Certificate of Purchase. Who should apply for New York State Sales Tax Exempt Status? Additional information (including sales of tax-exempt organizations subject to VAT) You can only use the certificate to make tax-exempt purchases on behalf of the organization. Contact the Sales Tax Information Center to check an organization`s exception status. If you think you qualify for sales tax exempt status, you may need to apply for an exempt organization certificate from the New York State Tax Authority. To be eligible, an organization must be officially organized and demonstrate that it is organized and operated solely for one or more exempted purposes (e.g., religious or charitable purposes). To claim the above, submit a Personal Tax Data Change Form as well as a Form W-4 and Form IT 2104-E and supporting documents. Follow these steps: 1. Download the personal and tax change form from the HR Connect website in the HR Connect employee web portal under

Log in with your Windows/Outlook user ID and password. Then click on the “Forms” button in the “Useful links” field on the right. 2. Complete the form according to the instructions on the form. You will need to complete the entire form, as incomplete forms will not be processed. 3. Send the completed form and receipts to HR Connect as indicated in the form instructions, such as Form W-4 and/or Form IT 2104 or Certificate of Confirmation, to STEP 1: NYCAPS: Go to and log in. Enter your USERNAME (your 7-digit employee ID/reference number, which you will find on your payslips. Your temporary password consists of the last two digits of your Social Security number, an underscore (_), the first three letters of your month of birth (which must be capitalized), your date of birth (including the first zero, if applicable), and the year of birth (all four).

Example: Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XX99 Date of Birth: JANUARY 01, 1984 TEMPORARY PASSWORD: 99_JAN011984 STEP 2: After logging in, click PAYROLL AND TAX INFORMATION, and then click Tax Deductions. IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot use ESS to: Human Resources Division/HR Connect New York City Department of Education 65 Court Street Room 102 Brooklyn, NY 11201 After submitting your form, you will receive a confirmation email shortly. If you make a change on a Saturday or Sunday, it is entered into the system on Monday evening. If you don`t see your changes on Monday, check them within two business days (Wednesday morning). If you are an H-Bank/740 (an administrative employee), the changes you make in NYCAPS ESS will not appear in the system for TWO weeks. STEP 7: DOE employees cannot use NYCAPS ESS to make the following changes: (To make the above changes, skip to step 7) STEP 3: Under Tax Withholdings, review your current information about the status of withholding tax. By default, each employee is set to a unique status with no source deductions unless otherwise specified. STEP 4: Click the Edit Retention Information button located at the bottom of the page. Note: The tax marital status “SINGLE” applies to both “single” and “married, but withholding tax at a higher flat rate.” STEP 5: No field can be left blank. At least one field must have changes for the form to be submitted successfully. Please note that there must be a valid reason for changing the withholding tax (life events). You are limited to a maximum of 3 changes to your deductions per year.

If you would like to view IRS forms or have general questions about your W4, IT 2104, or withholding taxes, you can click the link at the bottom of the page to view the Office of Payroll information page. The link reads: “Additional information and instructions for completing W4 and IT-2104.” STEP 6: Now you can view a summary of your choice. If you are satisfied with your changes, check the box to confirm that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions in the middle of the page and review the employee`s authorization statements.