American University Washington College of Law`s online Master of Juridical Studies (MLS) program is designed for non-lawyers who have legal responsibilities and understand the significant impact of law on their day-to-day professional duties and the community as a whole. The MLS program equips you with the basic legal training and industry-specific knowledge you need to help your organization solve problems and comply with rapidly changing policies and regulations. The program is aimed at professionals in major economic sectors who have a high need for a demanding training in law, but who do not need (or do not want) to become lawyers. This program unlocks this training from one of the best law schools and provides access to the best legal education in the world. With an emphasis on flexibility and comfort, this program is suitable for both active and full-time students. Earning a Juris Doctor (JD) degree is an important step on the path to becoming a practicing lawyer, while earning an MLS degree provides an understanding of basic legal concepts that can be applied to different careers. A Master of Laws does not allow you to practice law and courses in the program are not transferred to the Juris Doctor program. Instead, MLS focuses on specific areas of law that are relevant to your career path. Knowledge of concepts ranging from dispute resolution to employment law can provide you with valuable context and influence your decision-making.

The MLS degree emphasizes a foundation in law and basic legal concepts. The ability to customize this degree with areas of interest makes it relevant for many applications. MLS students come from diverse backgrounds, but share the common goal of becoming familiar with legal thinking and exploring the relationship between law and their intended areas of work or study. As a student in the online Master of Legal Studies program, you will work face-to-face with faculty and colleagues to take live online courses. In preparation for live lessons, you will follow interactive and self-directed courses. You`ll have access to DC`s legal community for invaluable legal resources and connections. Plus, you can complete your Master of Legal Studies online in just 12 months. The Master of Juridical Studies (MLS) from the University of Arizona Law is a one-year full-time or part-time degree program.

MLS is designed to improve the efficiency of a wide range of professionals whose work involves regulation, negotiation or cooperation with lawyers or legal matters. Through American University Washington College of Law`s online MLS, you`ll learn the fundamentals of the U.S. legal system so you can do your job better and make a difference in your community. Many careers in a variety of industries can benefit from the knowledge gained in the MLS program: through our on-campus MSL, you`ll gain legal skills and knowledge that can be applied directly to advance your career. If you`re interested in studying entirely online, consider our online MSL degree, which is offered anywhere you have access to the internet. The University of Cincinnati`s Master of Juridical Studies program is designed to provide students with legal knowledge that they can use in an industry or career that interacts with law. This degree provides new skills and knowledge to enhance your existing skills, rather than preparing you for a new career. The MLS program can offer alternatives to individuals who do not want to attend law school, but want to expand their legal knowledge. Master of Justice students may enter the program for a variety of reasons, such as working regularly with lawyers, working in highly regulated industries, or being entrepreneurs who want to be able to handle more legal aspects of their business.

The Master of Legal Studies (“M.L.S.”) is a university degree designed to help non-lawyers improve their professional knowledge by providing them with a solid foundation in law. This program familiarizes students with the general structure of the U.S. legal system and allows them to focus on one or more specific aspects of law related to their professional interests and goals. The target audience for students are college-trained professionals whose responsibilities include working with lawyers or with subjects for which some legal knowledge would be useful. The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) programme is designed for individuals who are not interested in practising law, but wish to develop a better understanding of the law as it relates to their non-legal career or areas of interest. Applicants who have completed or will complete a bachelor`s degree from a fully accredited institution at the beginning of the semester for which they are applying for admission may apply for the 33-hour Master of Laws program, jointly administered by the College of Law and Graduate Studies. Students can take courses full-time, allowing them to complete the program in a calendar year, or part-time. Students taking part-time courses must take at least one course per semester and complete the program within three calendar years. Students admitted to the program can only begin their courses in one fall semester. A student in the MLS program who is also currently enrolled in another graduate program at the University of Nebraska will receive MLS credits for three hours of coursework in the student`s undergraduate department, provided such credit hours are taken and completed during the period the student is enrolled as an MLS student.

Thus, a student enrolled in another graduate program at the University of Nebraska at the same time only needs to complete 30 credit hours at law school to earn the MLS degree. The three hours must be devoted to coursework, not as a research or teaching assistant, and must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Law or his/her MLS loan officer. By earning an MLS degree, you can better understand law in a way that can positively impact your career by developing a broader understanding of the relevant laws in your field. You will also develop broadly applicable skills, such as legal writing and reading, as well as familiarity with legal concepts. In addition, you will become familiar with a lawyer and communicate. The Master of Legal Studies is a fully online, asynchronous program for professionals who would benefit from a nuanced understanding of the U.S. legal system, but who do not intend to practice law. Legal issues are closely related to business operations, as organizations must comply with laws and regulations in order to operate legally.