Although the 50cc motorcycle is homologated for road traffic in rural areas and cities, it is forbidden to drive it on highways because it is too slow to keep up with traffic. Using country roads is much safer and offers a scenic drive to your next destination. While 50cc motorcycles don`t usually break the bank, even if they`re new, there are still good reasons why you should consider a used 50cc motorcycle. These include: 50cc motorcycles are generally not regulated in Europe. Therefore, the least polluting carburetors are used as a cost-effective alternative to fuel injection to keep prices low. In addition to the low cost, carburettors are also extremely simple and reliable with a robust construction that can be easily repaired with a low level of knowledge and simple tools. Compared to fuel-injected engines, carburetors are easy to use and help keep maintenance costs affordable. In the UK, you must meet the following requirements to ride a 50cc motorcycle: 50cc motorcycles are usually called mopeds and do not exceed 45 km / h. These urban runabouts are cheap to buy on eBay, cheap to maintain, cheap to run, and can provide up to 100 miles per gallon of fuel or more, making them a very common choice among teens 16 and older. It`s small and the fuel economy also makes it a good choice as a city bike for shopping or short distances.

Take to the streets on two wheels without taking a big hit on your wallet. Our affordable 50cc sports bikes offer the best in terms of performance, maneuverability and performance at a fraction of the cost. We offer 50cc motorcycles if you are a beginner, these fully automatic motorcycles are for you. No shifting, no clutch. It is a scooter that looks like a motorcycle. However, those who are 17 years of age or older and have an A1 confirmation can ride up to 125cc motorcycles. We are an authorized dealer for many Chinese motorcycles, which allows us to offer unbeatable prices for our motorcycles. These are great options for anyone on a tight transportation budget, or for people who want an extra toy to play with on the weekend. In addition, we have a full range of protective equipment, including helmets, jackets, gloves and more.